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Local Delivery -$80 tax included.

Central Saanich - $85
North Saanich-$95
South Oak Bay $90
At Discount Dumping, we keep things simple.  Unfortunately, for the first time in 8 years we have to increase our delivery fee.  The high cost of diesel, plus other operating costs have finally forced us to increase our delivery fee.  We believe we are still competitive with our pricing, but sadly this is a new reality. Our pricing is based strictly on distance and driving time. If you wish, contact us and we will quote a delivery cost to your home. 

Simply determine what product is needed and how much volume you require. Add the $80 Local Victoria delivery fee and you are ready to go!!

Central Saanich/South Oak Bay - $90
North Saanich-$95

Split-Loading is not always possible, and is often not available in the busiest time of the year. Many products such as aggregate can never be split loaded because of weight.  

split load delivery victoria Mulch Delivery

We want to be careful when we arrive, and ensure your delivery goes smoothly while on your property.

Remember- Turn the Tarp Sideways!!!  We dump wider than the truck width. Always have the tarp turn at 90 to the angle of the dump!



Often, we utilize heavy duty trucks to carry the load. As a result, our trucks require a hard surface to dump. We are often asked to back onto grass or other areas of a property.  We will always try to accomodate requests but must ensure the truck does not damage your property or get stuck.  Please try and chose a location where the truck can remain on the roadway or pavement.


A larger truck requires approximately 12 feet of width to ensure access onto your property. The truck mirrors do not move, so the total width of the truck is 10 feet. We will do everything we can to ensure we gain access to where you want the product dumped. However, consider obstacles such as trees and bushes prior to deciding where you want your load delivered.

Also, the dump box will elevate to approximately 15 feet in the air. Often, we don't consider trees and power lines when picking a dump location.

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