2022 Price List

At Discount Dumping all our pricing lists the taxes and fees! We find this is the easiest way to calculate and budget your exact costs on a project. The price we quote is the price you will pay!.   Basic Delivery $75

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Per Yard pricing for 2022 for the most popular items








Steer Manure/Compost that is steroid, hormone, and antibiotic free!  No dyes or fillers!  This aged product is the ultimate for recharging your beds and providing nutrients to your garden!!  Unlike other mulches that are not aged, this product will NOT deplete the nitrogen from your soil!!   This product has been created as an alternative to Sea Soil which is currently selling for approximately $100 per yard after taxes.  The Manure/Compost is "double screened" so it is very fine and does NOT have large bits of compost or debris.  A beautiful alternative to Sea Soil at less cost!

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