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Things to Consider as a homeowner!

In this "do-it-yourself" world, there are some legal issues you should consider prior to having ANY persons do construction or delivery work on your premises! Read below for further information on the three things every homeowner should consider prior to hiring a contractor or delivery servce!

Soil delivery victoria Mulch Delivery Victoria BC

​​Only deal with a company that is licensed. This is your assurance the company/person delivering your products is recognized by the Municipality in which you live.  Discount Dumping has a CRD Multi-license that allows our company to deliver goods anywhere within the Capital Regional District.

Saanich Business License  #15312

BC Government NR  #1187075

National Safety Code  #2013029584



Many small delivery companies or individuals do NOT carry third-party liability insurance.  When making deliveries , ICBC does not insure vehicles when they are on your property. This is because the vehicle is considered "equipment" by ICBC when making a delivery. The vehicle is only covered while driving on the  street. To ensure your homeowner interests are covered, a delivery company MUST have third-party insurance.  You can be liable as the homeowner for anything that occurs on your property as you are the "contractor" who arranged the delivery.

Yes, you could even be sued by the delivery driver or company if an incident occurs !!

Discount Dumping has $2 million dollars third-party liability insurance. A copy of the policy is available.


WorkSafe BC

Many smaller operators do NOT pay or register with WorkSafe BC (the old WCB) and this poses a serious risk for homeowners.

As a homeowner, you become the "contractor" in the eyes of WorkSafe BC and must ensure that all persons working on your property are covered by WorkSafe in the event of injury. Even though the time on the property is minimal, accidents do happen! Ensure you are not placing yourself at financial risk.

Discount Dumping is registered  with WorkSafe BC and is classified as an "Independent Operator".


WorkSafe registration number 072CIA1072

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